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Dennis Benning || Founder, Producer & Editor || Jett Media

My name is Dennis and I’m the founder and owner of Jett Media. I live, work and rest in Charlotte, NC where I enjoy golf, flag football, the Carolina Panthers and other general irrelevance. I am exceeded in both looks and wit by my wife, Elizabeth, and knowledge of Minecraft by my son, Jett. I came to Charlotte by way of Rockford, Illinois where I sustained myself on a steady diet of Cheap Trick and Cubs games.

I have over 25 years of video production experience, working with such clients as Pinckney Marketing, Atlas Copco, Watch Marketing, NiSource Gas & Transmission and the With Open Eyes Foundation.

A Jackie Chan movie without Jackie Chan is not a Jackie Chan movie.

Dennis Benning

Founder, Jett Media

If the video is moving and in focus, we can use it.

Ilia Agopian

Emmy Winning Producer, Friend

After all these years I’m still not sure what you do for a living.

Dennis Benning Sr.